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“To be truly effective, today’s BI solutions must be available to and able to be used by the frontline information workers who make strategic, operational and tactical decisions on a daily basis. This requirement becomes even more critical in banks and other financial services companies. We’re pleased to expand our SwiftKnowledge for Banking offering with our new Fiscal Management application and additional report templates, and look forward to working with IBT to deliver our BI technology to a wider audience of users.”
Daniel Moloney, Ph.D. - President, SwiftKnowledge
“IBT’s products are easy to learn and have saved us money.”
Pierre Cardenas - President & CEO, Capitol Credit Union
“IBT acted as an extension of our team, brainstorming and solving problems with us. Mr. Dittman thought outside the box and devised a solution that leveraged an existing system to better serve our members. It’s a great feeling knowing dedicated folks like that are in our corner. That’s the IBT Difference!"
Mike Mahiya - Vice President & CIO, XCEL Federal Credit Union
“We have experienced incredible response times with IBT. Direct access to their representatives is refreshing, and expedites problem-solving. From developers to the executive team, IBT thinks outside the box and presents solutions that are both unexpected and ideal. Best of all, they include us in their design process. It gives me great comfort knowing that IBT is there when I need them.”
Pierre Cardenas - President & CEO, Capitol Credit Union
“Throughout our 7-year partnership, IBT shepherded us away from a variety of antiquated systems to i2Suite. Their commitment to our success is evident in the way they keep up with evolving technology while keeping cost stable.”
Dale Leighty - CEO & Chairman, First National Bank
“We found IBT’s conversion team to be knowledgeable with experience in banking. They took a consultative approach to the conversion, which has been extremely valuable, and expertise we normally would not have access to.”
Royce G Ogle - President, Peoples Independent Bank
“We were impressed with IBT’s mobile capabilities. Not only has the platform been in the market for many years and proven reliable, it will grow with us.” 
Pierre Cardenas - President & CEO, Capitol Credit Union
“IBT is very supportive of their clients.”
Vickie Cox - AVP, Account Services/Call Center, First Arkansas Bank & Trust
“Once the dialogue began with Mark and the folks at IBT, I was immediately impressed with the company and the product. Because we are a small community bank we can change direction quickly and can be very flexible to meet our customers’ needs. The same holds true for IBT – they treat us the way we treat our customers and we appreciate that. We are looking forward to a long partnership.”
Ron Schepker - CEO, Merchants and Farmers Bank
“When we decided to change systems, it was recommended that we take a look at IBT. Once we did, we didn’t look any further. The price was reasonable, the product does everything we need it to do and their customer service is incredible. It has made our work easier and faster which enables us to serve our members better. It also helps that the system enables us to easily stay federally compliant.” 
Cheryl Palmer - Member Services Director, Dillon Credit Union
“I thought the IBT User Conference was very well organized. The IBT staff was welcoming and friendly, and the break-out sessions were great. My favorite part of the conference was the panel discussion, because we weren’t just spoken to, we were able to participate by asking questions and giving feedback. It was well worth the time.”
Christine Grove - VP, Licensed Insurance Agent, Citizens State Bank
“With IBT, we have more time to analyze data rather than spending a lot of time accumulating it.” 
Geoff Freeman - Operations Officer, Peoples Independent Bank
“Interacting with other users was very valuable, and the range and diversity of users was encouraging.  The conference allowed us to interact with both people who were just beginning a relationship with IBT and those who have been with them for 15 years, which was definitely informative. Management and staff did a great job of making the conference a world class event. You’d never have guessed that it was their first one.”
Aaron Kness - President and CEO , Iowa State Bank
“Everyone at IBT works hard to resolve any issues we have, and they resolve it ASAP.”
Vickie Cox - AVP, Account Services/Call Center, First Arkansas Bank & Trust
“The new technology from IBT will help us reduce exception items and adjustments while improving transaction accuracy rates.” 
John Northcutt - CEO, Stockmen’s National Bank
“Our longstanding relationship with some service providers made us reluctant to make a change, but we knew that in order to provide digital banking services, we needed to operate in a real-time environment. IBT’s solid relationship with industry vendors put us at ease and gave us the confidence to move forward knowing our customers would continue to have a positive experience. Our recent EFT conversion was as close to a non-event as I’ve seen in my 41-year career.”
Tina Eck - Chief Operations Officer, First National Bank
"Digital Check and IBT together strive to improve a financial institution’s workflow and processes with the implementation of branch capture, remote deposit capture and teller capture solutions."
John Gainer - Executive Vice President, Digital Check Corp.
“As a result of our time-honored partnership with IBT, the technology and services provided by First National Bank of Las Animas are comparable with those of a much larger institution.” 
Dale Leighty - CEO & Chairman, First National Bank
“We knew we needed to make a change but weren’t sure if we wanted to stay with the same company. The system we were using was good but very expensive. Additionally, it felt as though we weren’t as important to them as their bigger bank clients. We really looked for an organization that would serve the needs of community banks. We found a good fit with IBT.”
Elizabeth W. Campbell - President, People’s National Bank
"We’ve spent years going back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to incorporate a data center into the services we presently offer. After extended research and interviews, we chose IBT – because they are the best at what they do."
David Glover - Senior Vice President of Sales, Southern Financial Systems
“IBT is focused on community financial institutions and I know they care about our bank.”
Molly Scully - HRO, Bank of Mauston
“We found the migration to IBT’s i2Suite impressive as it stayed on schedule and avoided issues. We are extremely happy with the results, especially the customizable reports which enable faster and better financial analysis.”
Randy Blake - Chief Financial Officer, Champion Bank
“IBT works toward helping us become a better bank."
Jennifer Malone - AVP/ISO Operations, Peoples Independent Bank
“The support team, from the executive leaders to the representatives who update issues, is always available to help in a professional and friendly manner.”
DonNeeysa Adams - Assistant Vice President, Peoples Independent Bank
“The 2015 IBT User Conference was a turning point for us. Unfettered access to IBT staff allowed us to develop personal connections. We were impressed by their values and unified mindset.”
Larry Daniel - Senior VP & Director of Retail Banking, First Arkansas Bank & Trust
“The majority of the staff at IBT has been in place for years, so I’ve been able to cultivate relationships with folks in various departments, and I know just who to call in a time of need.”
Valerie Holden - Executive Vice President, Champion Bank
“With IBT’s i2Core, the bank has established a certain familiarity. Ease of use creates system efficiencies while reducing training from weeks to days.”
Tina Eck - Chief Operations Officer, First National Bank
“Deluxe Performance Dashboard is a critical tool that financial institutions rely on for timely performance metrics. Working with IBT, we are able to provide our mutual clients with the right data and the platform to gauge real-time financial performance, enabling them to make necessary adjustments to ensure that their financial performance is optimized.” 
John Filby - President, Deluxe Financial Services
“Customer care is important to us and we weren’t getting that anymore, so we did our due diligence to find another company, and we found IBT. The presentation they provided impressed us, as well as the positive feedback we received from IBT customers. The Core platform saves us money and will allow us to provide better service to our clientele. We are looking forward to working with IBT.”
Roy Rodriguez - Vice-President , Stockmen’s National Bank
“We have worked with IBT for a long time and enjoy the trust with have with them.”
Molly Scully - HRO, Bank of Mauston
“The solutions work extremely well together and our customers are happy with the digital environment. We found the products to be priced appropriately, and have not experienced any issues with the installation. IBT’s products not only help us maintain our existing customers, they have attracted new customers as well.”
Ben Johnson - Vice President, First National Bank
“All aspects of my job are easier with IBT versus our old core system. The reports are convenient, easy to read and provide excellent information I would not have received otherwise.”
DonNeeysa Adams - Assistant Vice President, Peoples Independent Bank
“I liked the IBT User Conference. Learning more about IBT was very informative. Anytime you are given insight into the direction of a company, it is always welcome information. I’m looking forward to seeing what they are going to do next year. This has become my favorite conference of the year!”
Cameron Cody - Vice President, Bank of Madison
“As the digital bank continues to change, we need to keep up with it. In order to retain the customers we have and their children in the future, we have to stay on top of current technology. We are doing that with our relationship with IBT.”
Christine Grove - VP, Licensed Insurance Agent, Citizens State Bank
“Easy-to-use, standard reports that are incorporated into the system will be a huge plus for us, and will make it much faster and simpler to gather data. Call report preparations, for example, used to take multiple manual downloads and formatting, but now we will be able to produce timelier and more accurate reporting. I see why ‘integrated’ is in your company name!”
Jeff Weaver - President & CEO, TransPecos Banks
“IBT’s advanced systems and intuitive interface will greatly improve our member’s ability to take care of their banking needs.” 
Pierre Cardenas - President & CEO, Capitol Credit Union
“We were impressed with IBT’s flexibility. They have the ability to support a variety of integrations now, and generate new integrations as needed. They met our needs while exceeding our expectations.”
Mike Mahiya - Vice President & CIO, XCEL Federal Credit Union
“In order to grow and keep up with the technological changes, we chose IBT’s core system which allows us to do what we do best. We are excited about what the IBT conversion will allow us to do, and we already recognize the advantages. Not only can we access files quickly, we can also analyze them which allows us to provide efficient, real-time customer service.”
Jared B. Kirby - President, CEO, First Bank
"When we integrated to the whole suite of IBT’s products, it gave our system a seamless look and feel to both employees and customers."
Jody Smith - Vice President of Operations, First State Bank of Bedias
“We were looking for a vendor that would blend and work well with our current core provider’s software, and we discovered IBT did that extremely well.  Using IBT’s RDC will allow us to take the lead role as the community bank in this town.”
Ken Holmstrom - Senior Vice President of Operation, Allied First Bank
“Before we went to IBT we spent about an hour a day bringing in our ACH batches. With IBT we walk in the door and they have already memo posted! That is huge for us in Operations.” 
Jennifer Malone - AVP/ISO Operations, Peoples Independent Bank
“The User Conference helped me open communication channels within the bank and teach other practitioners how to utilize product features.” 
Valerie Holden - Executive Vice President, Champion Bank
“IBT’s products make us more efficient.”
Molly Scully - HRO, Bank of Mauston
“Response times are incredible with IBT! Whether we are working with the training team, customer support, development, or IT, our concerns are always addressed in a timely manner.”
Jason Naugle - Chief Operating Officer , Champion Bank
“We had contracts with several vendors for imaging, loans, online banking and it was a lot to keep track of. Now everything is in one place; we only have to make one call if we have a question or need some assistance. We’ve really enjoyed working with IBT. The IBT Core will streamline our services so that we can take better care of our customers faster and more efficiently. Looking toward the future we are considering IBT’s mobile banking as well. IBT was the best choice for us.”  
Elizabeth W. Campbell - President, People’s National Bank
“When IBT and CCU approached us about their upcoming project, we were excited for the opportunity to assist. We believe that our expertise with members as they learn new tools, the proactive member communication strategy at CCU, and the robust online banking toolset from IBT will translate into a winning combination for all parties.” 
Scott Collins - President, Xtend
“Sessions during the IBT User Conference were very informative. The opportunity to interact with other bankers to discuss best practices was valuable. We picked up a lot of information from them in addition to the sessions I attended. The pace of the weekend was perfect – plenty to do without being overwhelming. I’d say my favorite topic was security because it is constantly changing and I believe that IBT is committed to keeping our banks secure.”
Geoff Freeman - Vice President/Operations, Peoples Independent Bank
“I wish I could have attended all sessions myself because there was so much good information to gather. It is always good to talk to other users. I liked sharing our ideas the most. Having IBT ask us what we wanted was great.”
JoAnn Johnson - CFO & Cashier , Bank of Mauston
“Converting with IBT was outstanding. Throughout the process, the IBT team was on-site, listening to our concerns and supporting us every step of the way. We found their level of support tremendous especially from what we had experienced before. They felt like an extension of our own team.” 
Pierre Cardenas - President & CEO, Capitol Credit Union
“IBT’s staff was outstanding throughout our transition. They were with us every step of the way, and as a result, the transition went smoothly.”
Frank Leone - Vice President , Stockmen’s National Bank
“At Sunrise Bank, our customers are our top priority. As we began our search for a new core provider, the customer interface was a major consideration. IBT’s products are fully-integrated and impressively user-friendly, which will ensure a superior customer experience. The personal attention we received from various IBT representatives throughout our decision-making process made our decision an easy one.”
Kevin Sacket - President , Sunrise Bank
“The IBT User Conference has allowed me to cultivate relationships with other bankers, discuss our changing industry, and develop best practices. It is definitely a beneficial event.”
Ben Johnson - Vice President, First National Bank
"IBT’s business philosophy is in direct alignment with our bank’s core beliefs. The leadership of FAB&T believes that the ‘IBT Difference’ will not only help us survive in this ever-changing and competitive marketplace, but to thrive!"
Larry Daniel - Senior VP & Director of Retail Banking , First Arkansas Bank & Trust