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Data Backup

IBT gives you control of the data you want to back up and manage. Since all data is encrypted in flight and at rest, expensive data communications is eliminated. With IBT you will have full control and access of your data. Should you require data restoration you can simply log in and download it to your restored system. If your restore requires a large amount of data, you can request a USB disk data seed from the same customer portal. Our center technicians will restore your data to an encrypted USB disk and ensure your receive it the next day, reducing recovery time from days/weeks to a single day in most cases.

IBT can create a virtual environment for your recovery. You can activate your virtual server(s) and restore your data to the VM. Once your local environment has been restored, simply move your data. We provide a reliable backup infrastructure IT operations support, minimizing any chance of disruption. With information security a priority, encryption of all data protects your interest.

With IBT you can:

  • Provide data center based applications 
  • Provide hosted applications for a third party
  • Provide hosted hardware platforms