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Processing and Back Office

IBT provides all your service bureau processing needs. With dual-replicated data centers located in Houston and Austin, your information is always protected. IBT is a fully functional Application Service Provider (ASP) for your financial institution. We provide scalable core banking system that includes a comprehensive customer information platform, and robust product flexibility. All system products come with an extensive inventory of configurable feature and functions that are shared across all applications within the system.

If you are a Commercial Bank, Savings Bank, or Credit Union - IBT's transactional processing ASP and in-house solutions can fulfill all of your back office processing needs. These comprehensive and user friendly solutions include a complete array of item processing services, back office services, fraud protection and risk mitigation, ATM authorizations and card management, contact management and work-flow document imaging solutions.

IBT’s Item Processing and Back Office Services include:

  • In clearings processing, paper or electronic
  • Proof of Deposit services
  • Amount entry
  • Reject repair
  • Transaction balancing
  • RDC file processing
  • Item processing report creation
  • IRD creation
  • Host file creation and transmission
  • Correspondent Bank cash letter deposits, paper or electronic presentment
  • Incoming return cash letter processing
  • Outgoing return cash letter preparation, paper or electronic presentment
  • Branch capture capability
  • Host system report download and archival
  • Customer notice print and mailing
  • Statement printing and rendering