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The unique design of the IBT archive eliminates the need to archive images off of the system. Maintain an unlimited amount of data online for as long as you choose and directly match your retention policy. This gives you the ability to research, recall, and query all archived data whenever needed without limitations. 

Significantly reduce the cost of research and improve customer experience by providing the tools they need to retrieve, examine, make decisions and answer customer inquiries from employee desks. Years of transaction images are available, in seconds, from any workstation.

Check & Image Statements Archive

i²Check 21 archive provides full, real-time access to you and your customers through customer service or our i²OLB, IBT's Online Banking solution.

The moment an item is scanned, through branch, home, mobile, or business capture the electronic image is immediately stored and can be retrievable by virtually any criteria. When an item is located, simply click on the link icon and retrieve the entire transaction associated with the item.

Customer statements are maintained on the system indefinitely.