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Check Fraud Prevention

Don’t be a victim of check fraud. Turn employees into super heroes and prevent fraud before it happens. IBT’s i²FraudStop helps you stay ahead of perpetrators by monitoring suspicious behavior, analyzing data to identify new patterns, refining fraud alert systems and efficiently managing potential fraud cases from detection through notification of the authorities. You have the ability to customize fraud filters to match your business needs and control how suspicious transactions are handled, including the ability to hold the transaction for manual review.

i²FraudStop's signature verification feature detects the presence of a signature on personal and business checks, then compares and identifies random skilled forgeries. All transaction items processed through our teller capture, branch capture, and mobile capture applications are additionally subject to the check fraud prevention system.

Fraud is an equal opportunity crime and every business is vulnerable. The "invisibility" of electronic monetary transactions makes fraudulent activity easier to hide and increases a bank's vulnerability. With the increase of electronic transaction processing in today’s banking world, items are no longer reviewed by individuals which makes i²FraudStop a valuable asset.