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A Paperless Future

IBT’s Document Imaging System, i²Docs, captures and stores paper documents in standard electronic formats. This process converts paper documents to digital images, reduces physical storage costs, enables documents to be securely retrieved and shared, and results in faster retrieval of critical business information.  

Any document or paper that needs saving can be scanned and stored within i²Docs. Our document templates allows you to pre-define the location where all documents are stored (CIF record, account level or department). We also offer you the ability to drag and drop documents, images, emails and email attachments into any file at any time. IBT provides document storage without placing limitations on users by allowing storage of all documents in one centralized user friendly database that can be accessed by all branches. 

Remain competitive by implementing i²Docs within your financial institution and allow IBT help you stay ahead of the curve with our advanced and innovative financial software solutions.