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The Front Line of Innovation

IBT's integrated teller solution, i²Teller, focuses on change, improving productivity through business process innovation. Once item images are captured, your institution has access to information necessary to make confident decisions and improve customer experience while allowing your customers to benefit from the real time alerts and capabilities of receiving electronic receipt to their mobile phone.  



  • Real-time check imaging at the point of presentment
  • CTR E-filing
  • Electronic SAR Assistant
  • MICR printing of official items
  • OFAC scanning on official items before printing & issuance
  • Virtual ticket creation
  • Deferred transactions
  • Electronic signature pads for cash back transactions
  • Check 21 integration
  • Online real-time research through electronic teller journals
  • Account balance and Customized receipt printing
  • Electronic End of Day reporting/counting

IBT understands the unique needs of financial institutions and we are dedicated to providing customer centric solutions that focus on improving the customer experience. As result your customers will maintain a strong sense of confidence knowing their transactions are handled accurately each and every time they visit.  

Teller provides productivity and cost savings by enabling your tellers to immediately verify transactions at the teller line, improving transaction accuracy rates, fewer exception items, adjustments and customer notifications.