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Business, Mobile and Home Check Capture

IBT's Capture Solution, i²RDC, allows customers to scan checks or remittance coupons using a multiple item check scanner and transmit check images and data directly to your financial institution for faster processing. i²RDC accepts customer deposits from anywhere, allowing you to remain competitive in existing and new markets. Attract customers with convenience, cost savings, expanded deposit windows and the greener side of business that this service offers.

Business Capture

Provide your business customers with a convenient and economical new service. Your business customers are now able to scan and deposit checks without going anywhere. All that is needed to get started is a one time fee, simple to use check scanner. Provide your business customers with a service that understands their needs.

Mobile Capture

Allows consumers to scan documents such as business cards, receipts, and checks with their mobile device. Once the mobile device has captured this information it is sent directly to the financial institution in real-time using wireless broadband Internet services.

Home Capture

Deposit your check from the comfort of your own home. With a personal computer, a secure Internet connection and a flatbed scanner, account holders simply log in to online banking and make a deposit.