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Bill payment

IBT’s Mobile Banking Solution, i²Mobile, provides your customer’s with mobile banking, real time alerts and payment solutions for all size banks and credit unions. Real-time alerts ensures that your institution and your clients receive information as soon as it happens. Through the alert, the customer can make immediate decisions regarding their accounts.

i²Mobile enables your institution to expand market presence and potential while enhancing customer convenience, self-sufficiency, and loyalty with the ability to perform routine banking transactions using a cell phone, PDA, or other mobile device; attracting new clients, enhancing customer retention, and improving customer service. In these challenging times, it is important for businesses to maintain their competitive edge by offering mobile banking and payment solutions that enhance customer experiences and increase business efficiency. 

i²Mobile also provides you with essential end user analytics. This data captures your clients’ needs. This helps you decide how your clients are using your services, and if they are satisfied with your service. 

  • Features and Benefits
  • Increase market penetration
  • Retention of valuable clients
  • Reduce costs
  • Customer Convenience and efficiency
  • Real-time, alerting, account updates, and deposit information, etc.
  • Mobility, your account goes with you

Bring the possibility of combining all information from ancillary applications into meaningful data, retrievable from one location, into a reality.