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Online Banking, On the Go

i²Mobile provides your clients with mobile banking, real-time alerts and payment solutions. Real-time alerts ensure that your institution and your customers receive information as soon as it happens. Through the alert, the customer can make immediate decisions regarding their accounts. Best of all, our solution provides you with essential end-user analytics. This data captures your client's needs, which helps you decide how your clients are using your services, and if they are satisfied. 

i²Mobile also enables your institution to expand market presence and potential while enhancing customer convenience, self-sufficiency, and loyalty. The ability to perform routine banking transactions using a cellphone, a tablet, or other mobile device attracts new clients, enhances client retention and improves client service. To keep relevant, financial institutions need to maintain their competitive edge by offering mobile banking and payments solutions that enhance client experience and increase efficiency.

Mobile Capture

Allow clients to use their mobile devices to take photos of their checks and upload them for deposit using either a cellular or broadband connection. Automate controls, place holds and access fees based on your client’s profile.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases market penetration
  • Retains valuable clients
  • Reduces costs
  • Convenient and efficient
  • Real-time, alerting, account updates, and deposit information
  • Mobility: your account goes with you
  • Mobile deposit
i²Suite Solutions

We develop and host a suite of powerful and scalable banking applications that exemplify the next generation of processing and data management solutions for financial institutions.

Our developers and software engineers have extensive backgrounds in financial software automation. Our team of dedicated professionals provides care to community financial institutions through every step of design, implementation, training, and support.