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Integrated Client Tracking

Save time and money by tracking your clients with our integrated contact management solution. i²Contact creates a full historical account of all communications and saves it to our powerful, centralized database - permitting quick access and easy retrieval of information where and when you need it. 

The built-in contact management feature gives your managers and supervisors the ability to view and manage all pending contact history postings at a glance. Quickly sort and view contact history based on application, account number, details, assigned user, or category. Additionally, your manager or supervisor can even re-assign contact history to other users and departments as needed, based on employee availability or expertise.

i²Contact provides summarized or detailed customized reporting to help you intelligently track your members and their needs. Contact history management is one of the most important and powerful tools utilized to assess, plan and manage customer service.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Message center
  • Digital reminders
  • Schedule follow-ups with customers
i²Suite Solutions

We develop and host a suite of powerful and scalable banking applications that exemplify the next generation of processing and data management solutions for financial institutions.

Our developers and software engineers have extensive backgrounds in financial software automation. Our team of dedicated professionals provides care to community financial institutions through every step of design, implementation, training, and support.